Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Reporting the Local News for Over 100 Years!

Fairwell to our loyal readers…

Dear Friends,

We write to you today with a bittersweet message: we, the current owners, are closing our doors after 107 years of publishing the official weekly town newspaper known as the Secaucus Home News. The Secaucus Home News of November 30, 2017 was our FINAL EDITION. Numerous circumstances have led us to make this decision. It wasn’t an easy decision, since we believe that accurate reporting, which we have tried to provide to our readers through the weekly paper and key online stories, allows democracy to thrive. We reported the news in the context of our town’s history, which we believe made our newspaper unique and interesting to read. The Henkel family and its forbears and descendants have been living and working and have owned property in Secaucus for well over 100 years. Robert Henkel turned the Home News into a vital and interesting local newspaper. Initially, he wore many hats (editor, publisher, photographer, reporter, etc.), and worked seven days a week. He was a gentleman, a diplomat, and a wonderful writer. He was my mentor, and from him I learned all the skills necessary to run the paper.

Our publication has been successful for over a century of publishing because of a combination of factors: a lively and interesting town; subscribers and other readers who wanted to learn about their town, friends, and neighbors; and especially YOU. We sincerely thank you for staying with us for all these years. You have seen us through the “olden” days of hot lead type to desktop and digital publishing, a period that encompassed the entire 20th century! The newspaper business has changed tremendously, and our town has changed even more drastically. These changes (and challenges) have continued into the 21st century—people have chosen or have been persuaded to use other venues and other means besides newspapers to get their “news” due to constant and rapid changes in technology. Our way of reporting the news requires thought, context, research and the experience to make sense of what is happening in our little town. Despite the option of going “digital,” we preferred mailing our weekly newspaper to our subscribers.

Please be assured that all unused portions of subscriptions will be returned by mail as soon as possible.


The Staff at the Secaucus Home News