Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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Parent Asks School Board for Judges to have some Scientific Background

CALLING ALL SCIENTISTS! Parent Christine Corradino DeIasi addressed the Secaucus Board of Education at the board meeting held the evening of January 19 at Huber Street School. DeIasi explained that she is an orthopedic surgeon, and as such, knows quite a bit about the field of science. She praised the annual school science fairs and said she herself had the pleasure to be a judge at a fair at Huber Street. However, Dr. DeIasi believes that the science fair projects should be judged by individuals who have some background in science and not just by anyone. “A lot of kids put a lot into their projects,” she offered. The parent said that sometimes a project might be judged as better over another more sophisticated, complex project, implying that someone with a basic knowledge of science would have chosen a winner more deserving.

None of the nine trustees or school superintendent commented on Dr. DeIasi’s discourse. However, during the board members’ comments later in the meeting, Lou Giele told the parent, “We’ll look into it.” Sharon Dellafave remarked that DeIasi had made an “excellent point.” Dellafave said that she was asked to be a judge for the first time last year, and had a wonderful experience. She said she asked the students “to teach her something” about their projects. “It was a revelation. I was so proud of our students.” (Dellafave and Giele are retired Secaucus High School teachers; Giele, history, Dellafave, English.)

The board hired two new staff members at the meeting. Daniel DiGuglielmo was hired as the interim assistant principal of Secaucus High School. He will earn $425 per day. Superintendent Knops said DiGuglielmo, who likes to be called “Mr. D.,” has been an educator 41 years. He is a former assistant principal at North Arlington High School and principal of North Arlington Middle School. Mr. D. addressed the board and audience. He thanked the board for the opportunity to work in the Secaucus district. “I did retire, but I look forward to doing something I enjoy one more time.” (Frank Costello, long-time SHS assistant principal, resigned from his position recently.) Kimberly Pascarello was hired as the secretary for Huber Street School Principal Linda Wilhelm. Her salary is $42,177. Pascarello also addressed the board. She was formerly a classroom aide at Huber for eight years.

Dr. Hope Blecher, District Director of Curriculum, gave a succinct PowerPoint presentation on the results of the PARCC testing. Unfortunately, the great majority of the audience had left the proceedings following the Showcase of Success segment held at the beginning of the meeting, so few were witness to her excellent presentation. Secaucus students did well with the tests.

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